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Password Recovery

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other Alt-Coins

At one point or another you may have encrypted your wallet and for some reason you lost your password. You may even have some ideas as to what the password may have been but it does not seem to be working.
This can be frustrating but don't panic just yet. There are options available that may assist with the recovery of your valued password.
In the boxes below, you will find information on how to proceed in password recovery but first we would like to point out some quick safety precautions.


  • Backup your wallet.dat in multiple locations before attempting anything!
  • Never share your wallet.dat with anyone you do not trust 100% !
  • Never post your wallet.dat or private keys online!
  • Beware of scammers in forums claiming grand abilities! BTC and other coins can not be "reversed" or "forced" through by design!
  • Do not allow someone to remote connect to your PC unless you trust them 100% !
  • Be aware of running debug commands and sharing the details if assisted by outside sources!
  • Be cautious if uploading your wallet.dat to a website to cut corners. Handing out copies of your wallet.dat may incure total loss of funds!

Extract the encrypted Hash from your wallet.dat

This step may or may not be entirely neccessary however if you plan on offering a bounty or seeking aid from the internet; Extracting the Hash is the safest option. The Hash can be used to attempt to crack the password without giving anyone else access to the wallet or private keys. All they can do is get the password which offers you the security and confidence you need when exposing your situation to others while seeking aid.
With some cracking software, the hash is used in place of the wallet.dat.

Setup to Extract the Hash

OS does not matter.

Windows used in the following examples.

  1. Install Python 2.7.*
  3. Create a folder to work in.
    Example: Create a folder named "hash" on your desktop for simplicity.
  4. Download and copy bitcoin2john.py into the same folder. Bitcoin2John Python Code
  5. Place a copy of your wallet.dat into the same folder.

Ready to Extract the Hash

Example in Windows. Alter commands accordingly if using Linux.

  1. Open a cmd window with Adminstrator Privileges
  2. Enter the directory to work in.
    Example: cd C:\Users\LordSoylent\Desktop\hash
  3. Instruct Python to run bitcoin2john.py on wallet.dat
    Example: python bitcoin2john.py wallet.dat
    Example: python27 bitcoin2john.py wallet.dat
    Example: C:\Python27\python.exe bitcoin2john.py wallet.dat
    The examples above depend on how you installed Python 2.7
  4. Copy (Highlight Ctrl +c) & Record the output in a plain text file.
    Any basic text editor or notepad will work.
    Record the hash on one single line and save.

  5. Thats it. You have successfully extracted the encrypted Hash and ready to start your cracking attempts. View the image on the right to see how easy that was.

Extraction is Fast

Right click and view Image for larger size

Now that you have extrated the encrypted hash you have a few decisions to make on how to proceed. Here we will list some items to consider for the actions to take in order to try and crack the hash and recover the password.

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Identify this section C

Identify this section D

Identify this section E