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PIVX Coin Bootstrap Instructions

This Bootstrap will sync you to January 18th 2021
Bootsstrap created with PIVX version 5.0.1 - After the network attack
Total Size approx 17GB's of data

Before starting, ensure you have copies of your wallet.dat and backups folder stored in a safe place.

NOTICE: Remove old data from inside PIVX data folder except the backups folder, wallet.dat and your .conf files.
It is also recommended to add the following to your pivx.conf:

  • addnode=https://blockbook.pivx.link
  • addnode=explorer.pivx.link
  • addnode=amsterdam.randomzebra.party
  • addnode=losangeles.randomzebra.party
  • maxreorg=2000 (suggested if wrong chain)
  • masternodeaddr= (replaces externalip=)

Due to the file size and other factors, the PIVX chain has been divided into seperate zip files.

First download the chainstate.zip
Copy the chainstate.zip directly into the pivx data folder/directory.
In Windows, the default pivx data folder C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Pivx
In Linux, default pivx directory ~/.pivx
Once moved or copied, unpack the chainstate.zip

Chainstate Creates Chainstate Folder

Under normal circumstances the sporks and zerocoin folders would populate on their own when first starting your wallet. Upon testing we have found that the wallet may hang or stall for an extended period while indexing the zerocoin data. Due to the stalling situation we have found a resolution by adding these items prior to starting the PIVX Core. Download and unpack same as the Chainstate listed above directly into your data folder.

Zerocoin Creates Zerocoin Folder

Sporks Creates Sporks Folder

Once you have the chainstate you can now build the blocks data.

Create a blocks folder/directory if you do not have one, inside the main pivx data folder.
Place each of the following downlaods inside the blocks folder and unpack.
Each download is bewteen 1GB and 2GB of data.

Index Data Creates Index Folder Inside Blocks Folder

Rev Data Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 0 to 10 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 11 to 20 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 21 to 30 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 31 to 40 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 41 to 50 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 51 to 60 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 61 to 70 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 71 to 80 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 81 to 90 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 91 to 100 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 101 to 110 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 111 to 120 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

BLK 121 to 127 Unpacks Directly into Blocks Folder

If on windows, you may get an error in regards to Sapling parameters missing.
You need to create a folder named PIVXparams in appdata and copy sapling-output.params and sapling-spend.params into that folder.
example: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\PIVXParams
If you can not locate the 2 needed files you can download them here and simply unpack into the Roaming folder.

PIVXParams Creates PIVXParams Folder

You are now ready to start your PIVX wallet.

First start up with the bootstrap may take slightly longer than a normal startup as the wallet scans the data.
If the wallet appears to hang for an extended period go ahead and shut it down.
Restart the wallet with the rescan command.
In linux, pivxd -rescan or pivx-qt -rescan, whichever applies for your situation.
In windows, right click the pivx shortcut and select properties.
In the first editable line, after pivx-qt.exe add in -rescan and select apply
Should look like this: ...\pivx-qt.exe -rescan
Start the wallet using the shortcut
After the wallet loads you can go back and remove -rescan so the wallet does not rescan every time you start.

If you found this information useful please send us some PIVX love to the address found in the footer.
Thank You.

Markets Trading PIVX Project

Example pivx.conf

Toggle 0 (off) and 1 (on) for features

  • rpcuser=any-user-name
  • rpcpassword=any-password-here
  • rpcallowip=
  • rpcport=51473
  • listen=1
  • txindex=1
  • staking=0
  • server=1
  • daemon=1
  • logtimestamps=1
  • maxconnections=256
  • masternode=1
  • port=51472
  • masternodeprivkey=your-mn-private-key
  • masternodeaddr=your-server-ip:51472
  • addnode=blockbook.pivx.link
  • addnode=explorer.pivx.link
  • addnode=amsterdam.randomzebra.party
  • addnode=losangeles.randomzebra.party


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Coin Specifications

  • Ticker: PIVX
  • Algorithm: Quark / See-Saw
  • Creation: November 2015
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Maturity:
  • Mining: MN / PoS
  • Reward Dist: 90% MN / 10% PoS
  • Masternode Collateral: 10,000 PIVX
  • Total Max Supply: Infinite
  • Coin Port: 51472 / RPC Port: 51473

Seed Nodes

  • addnode=blockbook.pivx.link
  • addnode=explorer.pivx.link
  • addnode=amsterdam.randomzebra.party
  • addnode=losangeles.randomzebra.party

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