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We are part of the crypto community and investors just like you. As we began our adventure in crypto currency and blockchain, a few of us realized it is much easier to communicate and support one another, provide resources, feedback and information on projects of interest. It did not take long for us to form friendships and a trust line that has been reinforced for over 3 years.

The intention of this site is to organize the resources we gather and increase coin awareness. Our main focus of coin implimentation is to support the coins we distribute through the XavanderCoin Rewards platform and provide the resources and updates we offer our members including but not limited to important announcements for that coin, block explorers, bootstraps, install scripts, multi-masternode support, vps/linux support, wallet compilation, market information and general tech support.

We can also assist your own coin project with tech support, block explorers, web hosting and site creation, wallet compiling, bootstrap hosting and more.

You can find contact information here.


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Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib